Move NJ Ocean Wind Farm Farther Offshore

Go Green and Unseen in NJ

We are a group of residents, homeowners, beach lovers, etc. (aka stakeholders) that are in favor of green energy - BUT we want the Federal Government to move the NJ offshore wind farm farther offshore from 15.6 miles to 35 miles - in the same way we believe Ocean City, Maryland was able to negotiate.

The NATION'S LARGEST WIND FARM, planned offshore from Atlantic City, Brigantine, Margate, Ocean City, Strathmere, Sea Isle City, Avalon, Stone Harbor, NJ with 99 turbines 15 miles offshore. The wind farm will be VERY VISIBLE and create significant visual pollution!

This wind farm is going to set the precedence for all NJ offshore wind farms. Basically, visual pollution could be coming to a NJ beach near you.

Even if you do not live, visit, vacation, own a home in this Southern NJ location, you should be concerned - as all of the NJ shoreline has the potential to be a wind farm

We want to Go Green and Unseen in NJ!

Please click around the site - we are adding info frequently. We have maps of the leased area - views from the shore - all with verifiable links -provided.

Offshore wind will effect both North AND South Jersey shorelines. The maps show the next phase - which is a joint venture started in 2018 - so . . . . . . offshore wind farms are coming to a NJ beach near you!

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